Automated Windows Image Servicing using OSDBuilder and Jenkins

For this post to make any sense check out for the details on OSDBuilder.

Since discovering the OSDBuilder tool from @SeguraOSD and being massively impressed by how well documented it is, I’ve wanted to automate the process. The tool is already pain-free to use, but the idea of just grabbing updated media from a NAS whenever patches have been released sounds great to me.

For myself, I just need a pretty stock image with just one customisation, enabling .NET Framework, this means that the script to fully automate the process is fairly simple.

If you exclude the Jenkins portion of this post, you can simply run the PowerShell script and have the updated ISOs, I’m using Jenkins because I have some other ideas to improve the process and it seemed like the right tool for it. In the current implementation, you could quite simply use Task Scheduler instead.

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Seafile – dipping a toe in…

Working my way to Seafile

I’ve recently started my journey into machine learning and I ran into a problem almost straight away. I have to keep jumping from different machines when travelling and this makes managing the project files difficult. Trying to keep the latest datasets and jupyter notebooks current was a pain.

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