Dashboard for my AirGradient Sensor Board

In my previous posted I showed the DIY AirGradient Sensor board I built from airgradient.com, and this is pretty cool on it’s own and shows the readings on the little OLED screen but I wanted to log this data.

Data Collection and Dashboard

The original video that put me onto the sensor was from Jeff Geerling and he talks in that video about using a docker container and some PHP he’d written to accept the data that the AirGradient Arduino sketch sends and then make it available to Prometheus as a target.

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AirGradient DIY Air Quality Monitor

I saw this air quality sensor on Jeff Geerling‘s YouTube channel at the end of last year and thought it could be a cool project to have a go at.

You can purchase the parts separately from sites like Banggood or AliExpress but I noticed on the AirGradient site they now sell a complete kit so I ordered a couple, the shipping was fairly expensive and took a few weeks but seemed more convenient than sourcing myself. I ordered to the UK from China and didn’t get hit with an import charge.

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WordPress and LEMP with Ansible on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

rslw.xyz recently put me onto the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier where you can get a selection of services for absolutely zero cost forever! Seems to good to be true but as it stands here is what is made available at no cost:

You can sign up here: https://www.oracle.com/uk/cloud/free/?source=CloudFree_CTA1_Default_uk&intcmp=CloudFree_CTA1_Default_uk

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Windows Autopilot – A simple setup

This post is a sort of documentation of my first interaction with Intune and AzureAD. I decided I wanted to get to grips with this deployment method so got myself a new domain and decided to signup for a Intune trial.

Welcome to Morale Industries, my fictional corporate empire with graphics made in Paint!

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Automated Windows Image Servicing using OSDBuilder and Jenkins

For this post to make any sense check out https://osdbuilder.osdeploy.com/ for the details on OSDBuilder.

Since discovering the OSDBuilder tool from @SeguraOSD and being massively impressed by how well documented it is, I’ve wanted to automate the process. The tool is already pain-free to use, but the idea of just grabbing updated media from a NAS whenever patches have been released sounds great to me.

For myself, I just need a pretty stock image with just one customisation, enabling .NET Framework, this means that the script to fully automate the process is fairly simple.

If you exclude the Jenkins portion of this post, you can simply run the PowerShell script and have the updated ISOs, I’m using Jenkins because I have some other ideas to improve the process and it seemed like the right tool for it. In the current implementation, you could quite simply use Task Scheduler instead.

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