AirGradient DIY Air Quality Monitor

I saw this air quality sensor on Jeff Geerling‘s YouTube channel at the end of last year and thought it could be a cool project to have a go at.

You can purchase the parts separately from sites like Banggood or AliExpress but I noticed on the AirGradient site they now sell a complete kit so I ordered a couple, the shipping was fairly expensive and took a few weeks but seemed more convenient than sourcing myself. I ordered to the UK from China and didn’t get hit with an import charge.

The instructions on the AirGradient site are pretty clear and Jeff’s video is also great so I recommend following those for instructions. There were a couple Arduino libraries that the guide doesn’t mention, screenshots below:

Assembly was pretty straight forward and with some coaching from my Dad on soldering properly we got there pretty quickly! Thanks Dad!

AirGradient Site: DIY Air Quality Sensor (

Jeff Geerling’s Video:

As it stands I’ve not got the data being forwarded anywhere, it’s just outputting to the screen. Collecting the data is one of the projects I’d like to work on next.

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