This post is a sort of documentation of my first interaction with Intune and AzureAD. I decided I wanted to get to grips with this deployment method so got myself a new domain and decided to signup for a Intune trial.

Welcome to Morale Industries, my fictional corporate empire with graphics made in Paint!

The setup of the Intune trial is fairly straight forward and documented here:

After setting up the basic license stuff for Intune and Microsoft 365 E3 I spun up a deployment profile:

Naming the profile

Here I added a naming convention just to see how it worked:

The next part involved getting the hardware hash from my test VM, I did this following the Microsoft documentation and then resetting the Windows installation. Once the VM was booted back up I was greeted with this marvellous screen. Excuse the logos made in Paint for my fictional company!

Entered in the email address and password
Autopilot worked it’s magic!
A minute or two later and the setup was complete…

My test account had been previously configured with MFA so I was prompted here to setup Microsoft Authenticator for Windows Hello for Business which was pretty smooth.

I also had to add and verify a phone number but not showing that here for privacy’s sake. After setting a PIN I was at the Windows Desktop.

Coming from experience with traditional operating system deployment models (SCCM OSD and MDT) this whole process was a breath of fresh air, and also pretty impressive from a customer service point of view.

I’d love to get a spare physical device registered while my Intune trial is still active and have a play there, but for learning the ropes a VM works just fine.

I think next I’ll have a look at the application deployment model in Intune and see how it stacks up to the old faithful SCCM, and then maybe dig into the White Glove OOBE process.

Thanks for reading!

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